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What Other Players Think About the TMP in Resident Evil 4

Different players have various thoughts on the TMP’s worth in Resident Evil 4. Here are six points which sum up what they think:

  • Some find it a dependable backup weapon with high burst damage.
  • Others say it’s not worth it due to its poor stopping power and accuracy.
  • Solo players may find it useful, but in co-op, other guns with higher ammo capacity are preferred.
  • Upgrading it can improve it, but the price might be too high for some.
  • Difficulty level determines if it’s practical or not. On easier difficulties, weaker weapons can do.
  • In speedruns, the TMP can save time if used correctly.

No matter what, some gamers like using offbeat weapons like the TMP.

Tip: Trying different weapons and setups can make the game more enjoyable.

Let’s hope the TMP’s stats don’t make players feel like they’re shooting blanks!

Resident Evil 4 Is The Tmp Worth It

The TMP: What You Need to Know

  • Ammo capacity: 100 rounds.
  • Fire rate: 0.10 seconds between shots.
  • Reload time: 2.6 seconds.
  • Damage per bullet: Low.
  • Upgrade options: Capacity, Firepower, Reload Speed.

The TMP may not be the strongest weapon, but it’s great for crowd control. It’ll take more than one shot to bring down tough enemies.

Upgrading the TMP can improve its performance. Invest in capacity or firepower upgrades to increase ammo efficiency and damage per bullet.

Try the TMP during your playthrough of Resident Evil 4 and find out if it’s the right fit for you.

Bringing a TMP to a zombie apocalypse? It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight – but at least you’ll look cool!

Advantages of Using TMP in Resident Evil 4

To understand why the TMP in Resident Evil 4 is worth using, this section explains its advantages. With a focus on enhancing gameplay, the sub-sections highlight its fire power, zooming capability, and reload speed. Discover how utilising these features can improve your gaming experience.

Fire Power

TMP in Resident Evil 4 has great Ballistics Potential. It can be used with other weapons to increase the player’s survival chances.

Below is a table comparing TMP with other weapons in the game:

Weapon Damage Rate of Fire Reload Speed
Shotgun 7.0 1.53 2.67
Red9 Pistol 3.5 0.47 2.47
TMP ___ ____ ______

TMP does less damage than some other weapons. However, it has a faster Rate of Fire and Reload Speed than most weapons. So it is great for taking out multiple targets.

Using TMP along with a shotgun or any weapon that needs reload time will give the player an advantage. A well-aimed shot will take out enemies quickly.

Pro Tip: Using the right ammunition type with TMP will make it one of the best weapons in Resident Evil 4. Plus, it has great zooming capability!

Zooming Capability

With Visual Scanning, gamers get a treat in Resident Evil 4. It helps them get closer and focus on what matters. Zooming in and out quickly is a great benefit. The viewpoint can be controlled too, so hidden items and enemies can be spotted.

Visual Scanning gives a wider field of view. Vital objects and threats are easier to find. Scanning the environment is faster and more accurate. Completing objectives is easier and mistake-free.

IGN said Resident Evil 4 changed survival horror games. It brought object interactivity and adaptive difficulty levels. Reload faster than Usain Bolt? TMP’s got you – trigger finger and all.

Reload Speed

To increase firing efficiency, ‘Speedy Ammo Loading’ can be used for ammunition management. TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) is the optimal choice, as it can reload quickly without reducing accuracy. The table below shows the differences between TMP and other firearms in terms of speed and capacity.

Firearm Capacity Reload Speed
Handgun 10 rounds 2.7 seconds
Shotgun 6-7 rounds 4.3 seconds
TMP 100 rounds 1.5 seconds

Using TMP gives more time to ambush opponents when their weapons are empty. Upgrading weapons through missions is also beneficial. Bringing TMP to Resident Evil 4 is like bringing a pea shooter to a zombie apocalypse!

Disadvantages of Using TMP in Resident Evil 4

To avoid the disadvantages of using TMP in Resident Evil 4, you need to consider the accuracy, ammo capacity, and cost. These three subsections provide solutions to the issues related to using TMP in Resident Evil 4. With a better understanding of these sub-sections, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not the TMP is worth it in Resident Evil 4.


In Resident Evil 4, accuracy is key. TMP–Trajectory Motion Prediction–can be a bit off-target due to enemy movements. Using TMP requires efficient ammo management. Plus, it uses up more ammo and causes less damage than other firearms.

Pro Tip: To hit the mark, try using handguns or rifles instead of relying solely on TMP.

Ammo Capacity

Players of Resident Evil 4 must manage their ammo stock carefully, or else they won’t survive. The ‘Ammunition Reserve’ can have a big impact on the game. Let’s look at the data:

Weapon Magazine Capacity Max Ammo
TMP 30 250
Handgun 10 100
Shotgun 7 50
Rifle 5 30

The table shows that TMPs have a low max ammo capacity compared to other weapons. Plus, missed shots with high recoil and low accuracy mean using TMPs uses ammo faster. So, if you don’t want to run out of ammo in Resident Evil 4, maybe reconsider using TMPs. You’ll have lots of slightly used bullets, but it’s expensive!


In Resident Evil 4, using Temporary Items (TMPs) can lead to financial difficulties. They may seem cheap, but require upgrading to match the undead hordes. This can add up to a large cost.

Selling TMPs doesn’t give a good return either. In-game money is limited, so buying TMPs means sacrificing funds that could be used for better weapons.

Players must think of a new strategy as TMPs are not only costly, but also risky. These weapons break easily and jam often, making them useless against tougher enemies.

Pro Tip: Before investing in any guns or upgrades, assess your playstyle. Plan a budget and prioritise your arsenal based on versatility & longevity, not short-term gains. TMPs don’t compare to other weapons, unless you don’t mind them jamming all the time.

Comparison with Other Weapons in Resident Evil 4

To better understand the worth of the TMP in Resident Evil 4, you need to compare it with other available weapons. In this section, we’ll look at handguns, shotguns, and rifles to help you make an informed decision about which weapon to choose. The subsections will provide a comparison of their effectiveness in different in-game scenarios.


For the small, one-handed weapons category in Resident Evil 4, there’s a range of handguns to choose from. It can be tough to decide which weapon is most effective for each situation.

To help players make informed decisions during gameplay, we created a table outlining key attributes like firepower, reload speed, and capacity.

But statistics aren’t everything. Each handgun has its own special perks and drawbacks. For example, the Punisher can shoot through multiple enemies at once and is good against shielded opponents. But the Broken Butterfly has amazing stopping power but sacrifices magazine size and reload speed.

In Resident Evil 4, strategy plays a big part in choosing the right handgun for the situation. With understanding these nuances, players can tackle even the toughest challenges.

Handguns are popular weapons in the media due to their versatility as sidearms. And if you want to make sure your enemy doesn’t get up again, shotguns are the way to go!


Firearms fanatics can rejoice in the powerful force of a shotgun in Resident Evil 4. Shotguns in RE4 are known to deliver hard-hitting impacts and major damage. This article will analyse the various shotguns in the game based on performance and other features.

The table below provides information on the different shotguns in Resident Evil 4, with their stats and ratings:

Shotgun Damage Firing Speed Reload Speed Rating
Riot Gun 5.0/5.0 0.80 secs per shot 1.93 seconds A+
Striker 6.5/10.00/15.0 (at upgrade levels)

Shotguns in RE4 also have a variety of ammunition types. These include incendiary shells that can set enemies on fire and magnum shells for extra punch. These special features make shotguns stand out from other weapons in the game.

Interestingly, shotguns are one of the few RE4 weapons with a real-life equivalent in modern police and military arsenals. For example, the Striker is similar to the Italian Benelli M3 model. The Riot Gun is similar to Remington’s 11-87 semi-automatic shotgun.

In conclusion, shotguns in Resident Evil 4 give a great combination of power and range, perfect for taking down undead creatures or infected villagers. Forget snipers – bolt-action rifles in RE4 have got you covered!


The table shows that Rifles have high firepower, yet slow firing and reload speeds. They can even pierce multiple targets in one shot.

Real-life firearms such as the H&K PSG-1 and Springfield M-21 inspired the design of the semi-automatic Rifle (TMP) in Resident Evil 4.

Though players may debate the TMP’s effectiveness, it is still better than a spaghetti knife!

Final Verdict on the TMP in Resident Evil 4 Based on Other Players’ Opinions

Feedback from players on the effectiveness of the TMP in Resident Evil 4 was mixed. The following table shows the various opinions:

Player Feedback Verdict
Underwhelming Not worth it
Great for crowds Recommended
Inaccurate Disappointing
Ammo-crisis Use sparingly for necessary situations only
Best secondary weapon Excellent choice if primary weapon requires upgrading

Some players also suggested an upgrade to the rifle as an alternative to the TMP.

So, in conclusion, it’s best to go for upgrades such as rifles and shotguns over the TMP. Don’t waste cash or inventory space on a weapon that may not be worth it.

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