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Troubleshooting Problems with the Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6


Delving into Troubleshooting Problems with the Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6 requires a deep understanding of technicalities and glitches involved in the game. This article will provide insightful information on how to fix these issues.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, players use a Navicust system to customize their characters’ abilities and reach different levels of the game. However, this system sometimes faces battery-related problems that hinder players from advancing their gameplay. To solve this issue, one must first locate the battery fuse module on the Navicust board.

Once the battery fuse module has been located, a replacement for it can be easily installed by:

  1. Opening up Battle Memory select your installed NaviCust program or its memory area (any Meddy code is enough)
  2. Clicking “delete program,” and choose “battery” as the chip’s element
  3. You can now install your new battery onto your system

The Mega Man Battle Network series was created by Capcom in Japan and initially released for Game Boy Advance consoles before sequels were developed for Nintendo DS devices.

Unleash your inner engineer and become a Navicust mastermind in Mega Man Battle Network 6 – no degree required!

Understanding the Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6

The Navicust is a key feature in Mega Man Battle Network 6, allowing players to enhance the abilities of their Navi. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Column 1 Column 2
What is it? A tool for enhancing your Navi’s abilities by adding programs
Where do I find it? In Lan’s room at the start of the game
How do I use it? By selecting and placing programs in available slots

It’s important to note that different programs have different effects, so take the time to experiment and find what works best for you.

One unique aspect of the Navicust is its reliance on batteries. If you find yourself running low on batteries, explore acdc area 3 for a chance at obtaining some.

To make the most out of your Navicust, try experimenting with different program combinations and their placement within the slots. For example, powerups may work better when placed in closer proximity to each other.

Fixing your Navicust is like changing a battery in a Mega Man game – once you figure it out, you feel like a superhero.

Troubleshooting Problems with the Navicust

When encountering issues with your Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

Here is a quick 5-step guide:

  1. Check the battery of your device as it could be the cause for malfunctioning Navicust.
  2. Review the Navicust error messages carefully to analyze the underlying problem.
  3. Reset your device by pressing and holding down its power button for a few seconds.
  4. Remove and reinsert your game cartridge from your device.
  5. Clean the associated game cartridges’ contact points using soft cloth.

Apart from these tips, ensure that you have consulted all possible sources before searching for a particular solution to fix hardware or software-related errors.

Expanding further, it’s important to always keep an eye on any firmware or software updates that might be released by official distributors, as these might contain critical bug fixes which solve many common problems automatically.

In addition, connecting with people in online forums can also help address more complex issues where standard troubleshooting fails.

By following these suggestions diligently, one can get better results in dealing with their Navicust issues and realize smoother gameplay experiences overall.

Looks like the Navicust needs more than just a strong battery to navigate through all these technical difficulties.

Battery Mega Man Battle Network 6 Navicust Where do I Find

When the battery of your Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6 runs low, finding a replacement can be a daunting task. However, with some knowledge and research, you can easily find the right battery for your device.

To help you out, we have created a Table below that lists the most common types of batteries used in Navicusts along with their specifications and where to buy them.

Battery Type Voltage Amperage Where to Buy
CR1220 3V 40mAh Local Electronic Stores
CR2032 3V 220mAh Online Retailers

While these are the most commonly used batteries, it’s essential to check the specs on your Navicust before purchasing a replacement. Also, keep in mind that some stores may not carry specific battery types.

If you have trouble finding a replacement battery or aren’t sure which one to purchase, you can always contact the manufacturer or an expert in electronic repairs for assistance. They can provide you with valuable advice and direct you towards compatible options.

It’s worth noting that properly maintaining and conserving battery life can significantly extend its lifespan. Therefore, we recommend taking care of your Navicust by turning it off when not in use and keeping it away from extreme temperatures.

Prevent Navicust problems by treating your battery like your life – always keep it charged and never let it die.

Tips to Prevent Navicust Problems in Mega Man Battle Network 6

To avoid issues with the Navicust battery in Mega Man Battle Network 6, here are essential tips:

  1. Always keep track of your battery status to prevent a sudden shut down in the middle of a battle.
  2. Purchase batteries from reputable sources to ensure that they are genuine.
  3. Frequently check and clean the battery terminals to guarantee better connectivity.
  4. Reduce your screen brightness or turn off Wi-Fi when playing on a handheld device to conserve battery life.
  5. Lastly, save your game frequently as an abrupt shut down may cause you to lose unsaved progress.

It is important to note that some versions of Mega Man Battle Network 6 have multiple paths for customization based on specific objective requirements. This can impact where you find necessary items and chips for upgrading your Navicust setup.

In the early Mega Man games, there was no concept like the Navicust system and usage was quite simple. However, as more advanced versions were released and players became more sophisticated, Capcom introduced unique features with each iteration – leading to the development of complex systems like Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6.

Remember, when troubleshooting your Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6 – always check the battery first, unless you want to face the ultimate boss – a dead device.


To wrap up, troubleshooting issues with the Navicust in Mega Man Battle Network 6 requires extensive knowledge of the game mechanics and careful observation. By following tips such as:

  • Stocking up on batteries,
  • Regularly updating and optimizing codes,
  • Making use of Chip Traders,

Players can overcome any obstacles they might encounter while navigating through the game. Remember to pick up new chips whenever possible and do not hesitate to experiment with different combinations until you find what works best for your particular playstyle.

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